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Business Overhead

Disability Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Disability Overhead Expense Insurance provides benefits to pay covered business expenses while you are disabled.

The big value and important reason to consider business overhead expense insurance is to KEEP YOUR DOORS OPEN and your business going while you recover.

In the event you cannot recover, your business will remain a GOING  CONCERN which you can consider selling for a FAIR PRICE and not be forced into a FIRE SALE.

This coverage gives you the time you need to:

  • Hire a replacement
  • Decide whether you are able to come back to work, or;
  • Sell the business which you have worked so hard to create


Covered Overhead Expenses
Electric utilities
Gas, oil or propane utilities
Water and sewer utilities
Garbage and waste utilities
Telephone utilities
Wages and salaries for your employees
Cost of employee benefits like health insurance
Janitorial and cleaning services
Laundry and maintenance services
Property insurance
Liability insurance and malpractice insurance
Rent for your building
Principal payments on your mortgage (business premises)
Interest payments on your mortgage (business premises)
Real estate taxes on your business premises
Accounting fees
Equipment and furniture leasing payments
Principal payments on equipment or furniture
Interest payments on equipment or furniture
Principal payments on business loans or credit lines
Interest payments on business loans or credit lines

(covered items may vary by insurance company)
Dental Practice Overhead Insurance


Small Business Overhead Coverage

Covered overhead expenses under the policy are:

  • Fixed expenses that are usual and customary in the operation of the business.
  • Expenses for which the insured would be liable while conducting business.
  • Expenses that the insured would normally pay from earnings that are a result of his or her individual effort and presence at the business.
  • Items generally accepted as a tax-deductible business overhead expense by the United State Internal Revenue Service.

The policy pays 100% of covered overhead expenses up to the maximum issue and participation limits.

Benefits and Waiting Periods

Benefit Period Waiting Period
24 months 30, 60, and 90 days
18 months 30, 60, and 90 days
12 months 30, 60, and 90 days
Medical Practice Overhead Coverage

Own Occupation Coverage Included

You will be considered totally disabled if an injury or a sickness prevents you from performing the material and substantial duties of your occupation. Occupation means your occupation or occupations at the time disability began. You must also be under the regular care and treatment of a physician appropriate for the condition causing disability unless further recovery is not expected.

Maximum Issue and Participation Limits

Class Issue (monthly benefits) Participation (monthly benefits)
Physicians, Podiatrists, Dentists 40,000 40,000
Other professionals 15,000 15,000
Small business owners 10,000 10,000

Additional Features

  • No premium increases until after age 65
  • Premiums are waived during a disability lasting 90 days or longer
  • Plan cannot be cancelled by the insurance company as long as premiums are paid on time
  • It is guaranteed renewable to age 65

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